This project’s purpose is that of assuring the access to preschool education given by the government kindergartens and day nurseries to 12 children coming from disadvantaged families, from the foster care program, single-parent families and Hagar Home Center.

With the ones in difficulty, the numbers speak for themselves. When doing just a simple counting, out of almost 800 lei per month, if we subtract the kindergarten costs (200-300 lei per child) we have approximately 500 lei. From this amount you need to pay for a rent and food for the whole month. What if you have 2-3 children?


In 2013 the children have been able to attend kindergarten and benefited from the preschool education and were integrated into the society. The project is a real help for the families at risk because the mothers have thus been able to have a job and sustain their families.

In the 4 years from the launching of this project – over 50 children have been supported.

Mirela and Cristina are 5 years old now. They went to the kindergarten since they were 3 and living at Hagar Home Center. Their mother used to be a victim of the domestic violence. She left her family, home and village, asking for help from Hagar Home Center. She works as a cook into a restaurant from Bucharest and she seriously takes care of her three children.

Thanks to the help she received to pay for the girl’s kindergarten, the mother has been able to maintain her job and face the daily expenses. Today they are a united family.

“I am very grateful for the help I received to pay for the kindergarten! I go to work peacefully, I am good at what I do and my boss and coworkers appreciate me. I got the divorce and the custody of the children: now I am both mother and father. After all the trials, efforts, troubles, we are finally happy!” 

Laura is 4 years old and she is part of this project even from the beginning. She lived together with her mom at Hagar Home and now they are on their own.

“We thank you from the depth of our hearts for being with us this year and helping us! For me this help is very important, as I don’t have any relatives and my daughter’s father is not interested about her situation. I thank everyone who cares for the children of single mothers!”

Marius is 3 and he goes to the day nursery while his 5-year old sister goes to the kindergarten. They are beneficiaries of this program 3 years now.

“Hagar Home” is my second family because here is where I received the help that I didn’t receive from my family. Imagine a 7-month pregnant woman with another child holding her hand, having no place to live and no help whatsoever. Marius was born while I was living in the Hagar Home. I received help to take my daughter at the nursery. This whole time I took care of my little boy and took a hairdressing course. I now live with my children. A day in my life means taking my kids to the kindergarten, going to work and then bring them home. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can take care of them. They are my life. God is good to us! I don’t know what I would have done without your help.”