„I have nothing to offer to my child”, thought Cristiana, a 19-year old young woman who was also 8-month pregnant, sent away by her family and friends. “What are the chances to survive in Bucharest without a roof over your head and no income?”

This is how Cristiana started her short story, a deep life experience started too early for her. She met her child’s father two year ago, but things didn’t go very well between them so Cristiana was sent away from the house when she was 8-month pregnant. Bearing the pain because her child was not being acknowledged by the father or his family, Cristiana came back to Bucharest looking for help with her family, friends, state institutions and maternities, but no success. In the due time, she gave birth to a beautiful girl but who was also sick. A difficult time followed as Cristiana stayed at some friends for a limited time, receiving no answer from the local authorities.

Helped by a social worker from the Department for Child’s Protection, she connected with Touched Romania and so she entered the Hagar Home Center. Now things are much better for Cristiana. Her daughter is growing and developing in a healthy and friendly environment. She learned a lot about how to care for a child. She understood that mother’s love is the primary ingredient for a normal development of the child. “I will never give up on my daughter. Everything that I want is for her benefit only”, says Cristiana.