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Our work is dedicated to supporting children in difficulty and single-parent families. We are working to improve the life quality of these people, to include them socially and economically and to give them the chance to a normal life.

What do we use donations for?

Touched Romania is a NGO founded according to the Romanian Law, having no patrimonial purpose or income from commercial activities. The income from donations are directed entirely to supporting our activities, programs and strategies Touched Romania is developing.

  PayPal Donations


Pressing “Donate” below you will be redirected to the PayPal payment processing page. There you can enter any amount in Euro that you want to donate to Touched Romania.

  Donation by bank transfer

You can make donations as an individual directly to the Touched Romania bank accounts. The necessary information for such a payment are the following:

Recipient: Asociatia Touched Romania
RON ACCOUNT: RO35 BRDE 445S V427 9876 4450
EURO ACCOUNT: RO84 BRDE 445S V427 9972 4450
USD ACCOUNT: RO88 BRDE 445S V427 9964 4450
Bank: BRD, Stefan cel Mare branch
Transaction details: “donation”

If you wish to make a donation as a legal person, please contact us.

 The transactions made through the above mentioned methods are conducted by the conditions mentioned here: Terms and conditions