Touched Romania is motivated by the desire to care for the institutionalized children, to prevent abandonment and to support mothers in finding a way in the society. Mothers are guided towards psychotherapists during the entire timeframe they are involved in the Hagar Home program, helping them discover new priorities and a set of values of their own by which they can manage to live on the new way they are taking.

Touched Romania has helped over 800 children in the hospitals, 30 children in the foster care program and over 80 mother-child couples, some having more than one child.

Mothers can enter the Maternal Center program together with their children straight from the maternity or community. Touched Romania provides residential services and social services alongside other organizations, such as:

  1. Healthcare.
  2. Protection and help in knowing and exercising one’s rights.
  3. Counseling and emotional support.
  4. Independent life abilities development, art therapy.
  5. Parental school.
  6. Training courses in areas like, family planning, women’s health, domestic violence and human trafficking prevention.
  7. Professional and training courses with the final purpose of finding a job.
  8. Babies and preschoolers care.
  9. Community support for women.
  10. A reintegration and support program upon exiting the Center’s program.
  11. Legal advice.
  12. Social justice and advocacy.