My name is Mirela, I am years old and in February 2014 I finished my stay in Hagar Home. Here I was received with my son Daniel (9 years old) and I lived for 15 months.

I was very afraid of what was to come after leaving the Hagar Home. I just wanted to give a quiet life to my son, another life than the one we have had until then. I didn’t have the slightest idea how to do this. I was afraid we will be in the same situation we’ve had before and I could have never forgiven myself for this. I received moral support, counseling and people helped me to see the bright side of things. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without being counseled at Hagar Home. Together with these people I discovered better who I am and what I want to do. I understood that things will not come by themselves, but if you work and enjoy what you are doing, you will surely overcome the difficult moments. Being helped here I understood that the future is up to me. I subscribed for hairdressing courses as I have always been passionate about this but I never had the courage to go for it seriously. Now I am working as a tyro in a beauty salon hoping I will find a stable job in this area.

Last year I decided to finish my high-school as well, being in the 10th grade.

My boy has been signed up for school where he made friends, something I am very happy about. He also has the chance to spend a few days in the mountains and a few days at the seaside. Before this he would cry a lot asking me to go with him to the seaside. I was hurting on the inside because I could not give him this. When I saw him so happy for he could travel, I realized that his joy gives me hope and strength to move forward. I am hoping to be able to give him a vacation at the seaside sometime in the future, no worries, just like any child should have.

It’s been two months now that we live in a transition apartment where I am helped to pay the rent for a few months. I pray to God every day to find a job with which I can pay the rent afterwards. I am not losing hope. I will never forget the spiritual and financial aid from the ladies in the project. They are not even aware of how much they are doing.