“Little Souls” is a soul project that is growing together with the difference that it makes in the lives of the children it is helping.

The “Little Souls” foster care program was founded in 2000 as an answer to the situation of the abandoned children. Also, the project started at EU recommendation of promoting a strategy with the purpose of putting an end to the children’s government institutions in Europe and placing them into families.

Having this recommendation as a basis and also the studies about child development, the foster care program has the purpose to support and develop a group of caregivers who would give the little ones a healthy family environment and a normal harmonious development.

Touched Romania offers, along with the children’s monthly grant-in-aid of food supplies, medicine, clothes and supplies for the kindergarten, counseling for the caregivers and a pleasant and friendly environment where they can gather together and exchange experiences about children raising.

Also, according to each case, Touched Romania is assisting in helping placing the children into adoptive families when these have completed the legal identity papers for adoption.

“By supporting and training responsible caregivers, we can change the destinies of abandoned children, helping creating a family loving safe environment” says Marta Banu, project manager.

“I am a mother!”

Since the moment I took into my arms the little girl that I was going to take in foster care, I felt she completely entered my heart. It’s a feeling that usually mothers have when they hold their newborn babies for the first time into their arms. And this child was nowhere mine! But she won my heart! From that moment one she proved to be the chosen! A few days after this, I took her in my home. It didn’t take much until she accommodated with the family notion! A year has passed since then. She is happy, joyful and she made me a fantastic gift for Women’s International Day. She calls my name, Mama. What a beautiful name!

Ana Moldoveanu, caregiver