To the mothers that finish their residence at the Hagar Home Center, the Transition Apartment is an opportunity to continue walking towards a new life. Thus, they have the possibility to raise money for a house rental on their own, where they can maintain their family united when they are ready to live an independent life.

During their stay in the Transition Apartment, most of the families are in a vulnerable timeframe, when they need all the help and support they can receive. Touched Romania staff is available to help until they are able to reintegrate in the society.

The progresses during the stay at Hagar Home start to deposit, creating the perspective of a new life. Knowing the possibility of them going back to their old habits and lifestyle, we created the Transition Apartment, a place where mothers and their children can disengage from the Maternal Center and earn their independence, staying in contact with our counselors. Mothers are assessed monthly and visited every week, being supported to achieve their proposed aims:

·         Continuing school

·         Parental education training

·         Continuing development of mother-child attachment

·         Integrating children in schools/kindergarten

·         Administering the budget

·         Maintaining a job

·         Counseling

·         Tutoring etc.


15 moms and 24 children have benefited from this project from the beginning of 2008 till today.

In 2013, 4 families lived in the transition apartment free of charge.

G. I. is a mom who had the courage to put an end to her 7-year old damaged marriage with a violent man. She left her hometown and family, took her 6-year old child and came to Bucharest to find shelter and calmness.

She lived in Hagar Home for a year and 9 months in the transition apartment. “The apartment has been a quiet oasis for us, a place just for the two of us, having the chance to plan our lives the way we wanted. We spend money only for food from my salary, so I have been able to raise money for later as well. I am very grateful for this help!”

G. I. found a suitable place to live where she lives together with her son. She succeeded in demonstrating the contrary of that which she heard her entire life: “You are worthless”. She is in the 13th grade and she is proud of the things she did on her own.