The story of the handmade jewels started within the Hagar Home Center as an art and creation therapy, with objectives and results measured for every mother, valuing trust, initiative, motivation and increasing self-esteem.

For the benefit of the mothers with children at risk to be abandoned, mothers who fight for life, family and the financial sustainability, Touched Romania (The main organization) developed the social enterprise named Touched Collection, producing handmade jewels and accessories (using materials like glass, wood, stone, pearls, Swarovski crystals or gold and silver plated). The mothers in Hagar Home make these jewels. This successful project brings success and opportunities for these mothers, making them responsible within their personal and social lives.

The social enterprise Touched Collection and the occupational therapy through jewels making by these women from Hagar Home Center, has the purpose also to create jobs for those who demonstrate skills and distribution.

For social enterprise development and socio-professional interests of these mothers jewelry is sold at fairs and in private areas (companies, banks, foundations, corporations, etc) but it also addresses individuals (private) sensitized by the issue of mothers and children in difficult situations of abandonment.