“Giving from Giving” Project was born as a normal necessity to continue sustaining the former residents of Hagar Home on their new way in life but not only that. This was possible as we involved the community, succeeding in getting food, clothing, toys, and cosmetics donations.

The joys we give to the children and single mothers but also to the poor families in the community have been the basis of the “Giving from Giving” concept and they are our motivation since we first founded this project, four years ago.

We help over 20 families every month. This is possible through the help of many multinational companies but also individuals who want to be a part of this project. Selgros, by their project named “Meal of Joy” has been a reliable partner that contributed with food donations.

Along with the Support Group, “Giving from Giving” project comes with an actual help which is not only material, but also promoting a mentality that we are trying to popularize among the community, You will be helped when you help.

Families receive first of all clothes and food on demand, according to the existing possibilities and also other products like diapers and milk powder.