The Support Group reunites the former residents of the Hagar Home Center, providing a socializing frame. The program is designed to offer emotional support and counseling. Scheduled every month, the support group is a beneficial network for the mothers that come to share their experiences, giving and receiving practical information. They also propose and debate issues of common interest and they receive also specialized counseling.
In 2013, fifteen single-parent families have been supported in overcoming daily challenges.
“When we’re having the support group I can relax, but also to find out things I didn’t know, talking with mothers from the center about different topics that are helpful for each of us. I for one like to come to the group, so I am thankful for these opportunities. Normally you don’t meet people who would have the same problems you have and whom you can talk openly about your daily issues.”
M. M.
“The support group is a place where I unburden myself, being able to talk with someone who understands what I am going through and understands me. I get useful information, receiving advices to raise my children, manage my income and relationships, etc. When I communicate with other mothers I feel I am not the only one who has problems. I feel safe here and I thank you.”
R. M.

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